Here are Three beautiful houses for rent in Sortavala, Karelia. You can rent one of these beautiful homes for your next stay. These houses have their own individual style and character. Whether you are traveling to Karelia alone, with friends or with your family. Be sure to take a look at one of these houses.

Barn-style townhouse on the shore of Lake Humpelianyarvi.

This barn-style townhouse is located on the northern shore of Lake Humpelianyarvi.
The lake is connected to Lake Ladoga. It is known to be quiet all year around.

The style and decor of the townhouse are inspired by the owners’ travels to Africa,
Europe and Scotland. It has all the amenities you need for short and long trips to Karelia.
The townhouse offers a lot of space to relax. It includes a well-kept garden, patio and barbecue area,
which guarantees the most beautiful sunsets in Karelia.

This house can accommodate up to four people. There is a double bed on the second
floor and a sofa bed in the living room. The kitchenette has everything you need for cooking.

The unique location of the house guarantees beautiful views, videos and photos that
can be shared with friends and family. The sun shines all year round in this place, due to its geographic
location and open space towards the south.

Another unique feature of this house is the close-by pier. It is a five-minute walk away.
The pier was built several years ago. It suffered considerable damage due to the long winter season. Fortunately,
it was renovated and reopened in spring/summer 2023.

Guests also have to possibility to book a Sauna session. Guests can also order organic eggs,
smoked fish and homemade liquor from the hosts.

“If you like cycling, then this location is ideal. It is close to a 5 km long paved road with low traffic. One of the best roads for cycling in Sortavala.”

Host, Galina P.

A village-style house by the lake in a quiet place

The second house is not far from the house mentioned above. It is also located 200 meters away from the shore of Lake Humpelianyarvi. Side Note: Lake Humpelianyarvi was painted by the world-famous Russian painter Nicolas Roerich. Most of his images were painted during his stay between 1916 and 1919.

The most interesting features of this house is its location. It is surrounded by beautiful pine trees. You can see Lake Humpelianyarvi when looking out of the living room. A well kept garden surrounds the house. The nearby barbecue area is ideal for preparing delicious meals. A beautiful fireplace is guaranteed to create unforgettable memories.

The house itself has everything you need for your stay. It includes a kitchen and a beautiful indoor fireplace. Two guests have room on a double bed in the bedroom. Two more guests have room on a sofa bed in the living room.

Guests have the possibility to go for a swim in summer at the nearby pier. You can book a banja session in a traditional banja. You can also order organic eggs and vegetables from the neighbours.

Scandinavian living in the Blue Rock House, Sortavala

This beautiful house known as the Blue Rock House. It is on the south side of the Lake Humpelianyarvi. The name comes from a big bluish rock that sits next to the Patin. This modern house was built in 2021 and offers a scandinavian living experience.

It is ideal for young travellers and families. Especially if you are looking for an inspiring environment. The kitchen includes handmade dish-ware from a local brand known as “HEIKUU”. One of the unique features is a balcony with a view to Lake Humpelianyarvi. The patio on the other side of the building presents a view into the forest.

Our guests are usually freelancers and professionals who need an inspiring place to live and work remotely, yoga lovers and sports enthusiasts and young families with two children.

Marina N., Host of Blue Rock House

The Blue Rock House has space for four guests. A double bed in the bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room. In the living room is a projector that allows you to watch movies. A dishwasher and a washing-machine offer enough comfort for longer stays.

In summer the house offers a lot of shade due to the nearby pine forest. The flow of water can be heard in spring and in autumn. Swimming is possible starting from May until October. A nearby beach offers a safe entrance into the lake.

The house is offers complete calmness. Restaurants, cafes and shops are in the city and within ten minutes of driving distance. The main road to Saint-Petersburg (A121) is two kilo-meters away. If you arrive by train, then you can comfortably order a taxi.

Guaranteed to be unforgettable.

All of the three houses have something in common. They are located on the coast of Lake Humpelianyarvi. They are calm and safe with a garden and a nearby forest. Swimming locations just five minutes away. The views are breath taking.

All of these houses are great for sports activities. These include mountain biking, fishing, walking, off-road running, canoeing, paddling, swimming, diving and more.

Travel Expert tip: try to book one of these locations during the low season. The prices are usually lower and exploring the city is a lot more enjoyable. This is usually before and after the school holidays if your work and time allows. If this is not possible, then make sure to book these locations at least three months before your travel.

Elena, Booking support, MOYA TVOYA

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