Best Restaurants in Sortavala: A Local Cuisine Guide

Best restaurants in Sortavala. Discover the best places to eat in Sortavala with our guide to the town’s top local cuisine.
From traditional Karelian dishes to modern fusion cuisine, Sortavala’s restaurants offer something for every palate.
If you’re a foodie visiting Sortavala, here are some of the best restaurants in town that you won’t want to miss:
Restaurant Kruzhevo

Country Hotel “Kruzhevo” is located on the shores of Lake Ladoga, on the largest island of Riekkalansaari. The complex includes cottages that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The hotel can accommodate up to 50 people, allowing guests to bring their pets. It offers free parking for those arriving by car.
The hotel’s restaurant is known as one of the best in Sortavala and Karelia, serving Karelian cuisine made with local ingredients such as Ladoga fish, wild mushrooms, and berries. The open kitchen bakes pizza, bread, and other dishes in a wood-burning oven, and the chef also prepares marbled beef steaks.
Prices at the restaurant are higher than average. Guests can reach the hotel using the hotel’s shuttle service, a taxi, or their own car. The hotel aims to make guests’ holidays unforgettable and relaxing.
European, Fusion, Russian
Contact for reservations: +7 921 010 49 94
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Restaurant Gustav Winter

The Gustav Winter Restaurant is a panoramic restaurant located on the shores of Lake Ladoga, offering breathtaking views through its windows and terrace. It belongs to one of the best restaurants in Sortavala. The Scandinavian-style interior adds to the magic of the restaurant.
It is conveniently located near a pier, allowing those traveling by boat or yacht to easily stop by for dinner. The menu features modern Karelian cuisine, including dishes made with local ingredients such as moose meat, wild boar, and fish from Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega.
Its restaurant’s concept is centered around the appreciation of local products and showcasing the uniqueness of the North-West region. The menu also includes a variety of berries and mushrooms, adding to the forest theme.
In 2021, the Gustav Winter Restaurant was nominated for the category of “Best Hotel Restaurant” at the National Hotel Award, and in 2022 it will be the recipient of the same award at the Russian Hospitality Awards.
Modern, special offers for vegans
Contact for reservations: +7 921 465-29-88
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Piipun Piha

Located in a former Finnish sawmill and a beautiful Finnish brick building is Piipun Piha, a popular restaurant located on the shore of Ladoga bay in Sortavala. And famous for its delicious European and Russian cuisine and fine wines. The menu offers a variety of dishes, including classic European fare and traditional Karelian specialties.
The Finnish fish soup, made from trout and pike perch with thick cream, is a must-try. Another tip is the Karelian pork, a combination of pork and lightly salted herring baked in cream, is also highly recommended.
And don’t miss the famous Kalitka pies, considered the best in Sortavala. Piipun Piha is the perfect spot for a hearty meal or a glass of wine, offering the best of European and Russian cuisine in Sortavala.
European, Russian, Central European
Contact: +7 (921) 529-94-97
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Did you know? Kalitka pies, also known as Karelian pasties, are a traditional dish from the Republic of Karelia in Russia. These savory pastries are filled with a mixture of mashed potatoes and onions, and are often served with a side of sour cream or lingonberry jam. They are a popular snack or light meal in Sortavala, and can be found in a variety of variations around town. If you’re visiting Sortavala and want to experience the local cuisine, be sure to try a Kalitka pie or two – you won’t be disappointed!

Restaurant Lamberg

The Lamberg Country Club’s restaurant is a cozy spot located in a separate building on the complex’s grounds. It features a fireplace room that can seat 50 people and an open attic that can accommodate an additional 25 guests. The restaurant also has a summer terrace with views of Tockarlahti Bay.
It is known for its Karelo-Finnish cuisine and Karelian pastries, made with local eco-friendly products. The menu has a wide selection of drinks and a varied menu, and the service is of high quality.
Furthermore, it can also arrange delivery of orders to the cottages upon request. Please note that guests will need to take a taxi or drive to the restaurant, as it is not easily accessible by public transportation.
Russian, European, Suitable for vegetarians

Contact: +7 921 521-22-19
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Los and Troll Bar Hotel

This vibration hotel offers a variety of delicious food options for all types of food lovers, including vegan, lactose-free, and vegetarian options. City dwellers will feel right at home with free WiFi, and the hotel’s central location makes it easy to explore the city. The rooms in the Finnish building are designed to reflect different moods and the dining area is furnished with modern furniture that was selected carefully.

The apartments in the former Savings Bank are inspired by the films of director Wes Anderson, with a design and atmosphere that reflect his style. In addition to coffee, the hotel also offers a variety of delicious food, including burgers, desserts, and daily meals. Be sure to try the hotel’s specialties while you’re there. Book one of the rooms here.

If you’re traveling with your furry friend, you’ll be happy to know that animals are also welcome at the hotel.
Russian, Healthy

Contact: +7(921)528-58-54
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Mayakovsky Restaurant Hotel Rodin)

The Rodina Hotel, a historic building in the heart of Sortavala, houses the Mayakovsky restaurant, which serves cold and hot appetizers, soups, dumplings, pasta, hot dishes, and desserts. Standout dishes include vegetarian foie gras with crispy ciabatta, trout tartare with oyster sauce, and Caesar salad with lightly salted trout. The restaurant is also suitable for banquets and events, and the hotel staff strives to make every stay comfortable and memorable.
European, Russian, Scandinavian
Contact: +7 (921) 522-52-53
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Hotel Ladozhskaya Usadba

At Ladoga Restaurant, guests can enjoy a wide range of dishes. From carpacho made with roe deer to sprats from grouse, there’s something for everyone.

The menu also includes trout, mushrooms, and barbecue dishes. It was created by a talented chef who combines the flavors of the Northern Ladoga region with modern tastes.

Additionally it has a chic interior and can seat up to 100 guests, with 10 VIP lounge seats. It also boasts a wine list of over 350 varieties to suit any taste. Ladoga Manor has gained worldwide recognition for its top-quality food and atmosphere.
Website: *please copy paste this link into another window
Contact: +7 (921) 700-10-20
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Did you know? The Niemeliankhovi Ladoga Estate was originally owned by the Nissinen family, who lived a golden time in the development and flourishing of Karelia. For their numerous achievements in various fields, the couple received prestigious prizes and high awards, and were especially recognized by the government for their contribution to the development of agriculture, science, and multi-faceted social activities.

Hunter Nordic Kitchen BBQ Bar

The Hunter Nordic Kitchen BBQ Bar is a restaurant located in the center of Sortavala that offers American and European cuisine.
It has received praise for its excellent service and its Lohikeiito soup and warm salads with meat and dried meat. The restaurant caters to those who enjoy meat, grill, and BBQ dishes.
American, European, Grill
Hunter on VK:
Contact: +7 (911) 400-23-70
Yandex Maps: Location Hunter Nordic Kitchen

Cafe “Relax”

The Cafe Relax is located in the heart of the city and offers a main dining hall and an ice cream parlor. It is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends, celebrate a special occasion, or simply enjoy a delicious meal.
In addition to classic European dishes, the cafe also serves a variety of fish dishes, Kallitka pastries, and an inexpensive business lunch.
The menu also features a wide selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages, aromatic coffee, and a range of teas. You can also indulge in fresh hot pastries and melting cakes, sweet desserts, ice cream, and cocktails. Cafe “Relax” is sure to have something to satisfy everyone’s tastes.
Cafe, European, Russian, Soups, Central European
Cafe Relax on VK:
Contact: +7 (921) 450-11-11
Yandex Maps: Location Cafe Relax

Jarvikala Cafe

You will enjoy your experience at this location, praising the creamy fish soup and salmon dumplings in particular. The service is unique, as the location is more like a shop with a kitchen rather than a traditional restaurant.
Customers can order and pay at the checkout and then pick up their order themselves. The menu includes a variety of fish dishes as well as moose cutlets and chicken meatballs.
Most customers rave about the Lohikeitto (Finnish Salmon Soup), so be sure to give it a try.
Cafes, Seafood, Russian, Soups
Contact: +7 921 222-40-63
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Dom Berger

Located in the heart of Sortavala, this cozy cafe is the perfect spot for a leisurely breakfast or lunch. The replica of the historic Karl Gustav Berg house in Sortavala, Russia is a true masterpiece of preservation and restoration. The initiators of the project worked hard to recreate not only the appearance of the building, but also the interior interiors of the first mayor’s home.
As a result, restored house now serves as a cultural hub, with cafes and shops featuring goods from local Karelian manufacturers.
The menu features a variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads, as well as a selection of pastries and baked goods made fresh daily. Be sure to try Dom Berga’s famous Kalitkas, fish soup and deserts – a local favorite.
The wine store on the top floor of the Karl Gustav Berg house is said to have a wide selection of wines from across Europe and the world. It is a great place to discover new and interesting vintages from different regions and countries.
Find out more about the story of the Dom Berger building.
Scandinavian, European
Dom Berg on VK:
Contact: +7 (993) 398-70-41
Yandex Maps: Location Dom Berger

“Priladozhye” Cafe

This family-friendly restaurant belongs to the well known eco-friendly fish farm “Priladozhye” which is located on the shore of Kiryavalahti Bay near Sortavala, Russia. The menu features a variety of delicious dishes, including lohikeito, Kalitkas, dumplings, pancakes with caviar, and fillets of weak salt. It is known to be the best place for Kalitkas (Karelien Pies) filled with fish.
The restaurant is pet-friendly and has received a “Travelers’ Choice” award from TripAdvisor and a “Good Place” rating from Yandex, so you can be confident in the quality of your dining experience.
In addition to delicious food, the cafe also has a playground for children and a mini-copy of a house for kids to play in. The friendly staff and cozy atmosphere make Cafe-shop “Priladozhye” the perfect place to bring the whole family for a tasty meal and fun-filled outing.
Tip: The Priladozhye online shop is a great source for sustainable and tasty products made from rainbow trout. The shop values eco-friendliness and craft production, using only natural feeds in the production of their rainbow trout. They offer a range of dishes made from fresh rainbow trout, including lohikeito with red caviar, Kalitkas, dumplings, fishburgers, and pancakes filled with lightly salted trout.
Scandinavian, Cafe, International, Grill

Contact: +7 (921) 012-20-00
Yandex Maps: Location Priladozhye

Cafe Seurahuone

The Seurahuone Hotel is located in the heart of Sortaval, on the banks of Lake Ladoga and within walking distance of the city’s main attractions. It offers single, double, and deluxe rooms, many of which have views of the bay.
The rooms are comfortable and equipped with wireless internet, and the hotel staff is friendly and helpful. For visitors interested in architecture: the hotel building itself has the status of an architectural monument, having been built in 1909 in the Northern Art Nouveau style and rebuilt in 1938 in the style of functionalism.
The Seurahuone cafe, located on the first floor, is a cozy space suitable for quick lunches or special events. It features historical photos and documents related to the building and the Finnish history of the city.
Guests can also relax with a cup of their favorite drink at the window, enjoying the view of the Vainamainen Square and the Monument to the Rune singer in Sortavala.
Cafe, European, Russian, Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Cafe Seurahuone on VK:
Contact: +7 (921) 223-38-63
Yandex Maps: Location Cafe Seurahuone

Cafe Krona

Krona Kafe is located in the center of Sortavala and serves great, affordable food. The business lunch is particularly popular among locals. In general the menu features simple, tasty dishes inspired by Russian cuisine.
The cafe has a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Krona Kafe is a great choice. Be sure to try the popular business lunch if you’re looking for a delicious and convenient meal.
Russian, European
Contact: +7 814 304-58-08
Yandex Maps: Location Cafe Krona

In conclusion, Sortavala offers a variety of dining options for foodies, including traditional Karelian dishes, modern fusion cuisine, and European and Russian fare.
Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or just a glass of wine, there is something for every palate in this bustling town. Each of the restaurants highlighted
in this guide has received recognition for their excellent food and atmosphere, making them must-visits for any food lover visiting Sortavala.

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